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Yves Delorme
Bilingual Website Featuring Fine French Linens

Yves Delorme sells expensive bed linens. And when you hold one of their products in your hands you immediately know why it costs what it does. It is truly gorgeous stuff. The trick with this web site was to figure out a way to show the sometimes subtle beauty of this product line as clearly as shoppers experience it in Yves Delorme’s retail stores. It’s surprisingly difficult since some of the detail is white on white and some of the color schemes and designs are very light pastels.

The obvious solution is BIG, beautiful pictures, and this is how Delorme sells their product in all their print media. We accomplished the same thing on the web with a carefully orchestrated layering of graphics to match the user’s interest. The top levels have smaller graphics, but as the user selects items the photos get larger. Ultimately they will see images marked with a small magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner which indicates that a click will take them to an even larger photo, and then on that page they have the option to zoom in one more level. The result? A fast site that delivers only what the user has proven they are really interested in seeing.

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