Examples of the Circle Studios graphic identity

Circle Design Studios
Graphic Identity

Circle Design, of Staunton Virginia, is an interior design studio with a very modern sensibility. We wanted to come up with a design that was equally modern, worked with the obvious geometric symbolism of the name, but still surprised the viewer enough to make the overall identity memorable. This is an example of how the simplest elements, used just right, can create a powerful identity. The negative space circle that takes a bite out of the ā€œLā€ that follows, gives the mind a charming element to resolve on several levels. The fold-over business card takes that circle a step further, making it a physical die-cut that links two different versions of the logo together (red-on-red for the outside and red-on-white for the inside). The effect is simple, modern, and striking, just like the interior design that Circle Studios creates.

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