Examples of the Oasis Village Graphic Identity

Oasis Village
Graphic Identity

Oasis Village is a planned community that will be built in Central Virginia on the model of Hope Meadows in Rantoul, Illinois. The essence of that model is to create a diverse, intergenerational neighborhood organized to address a specific social challenge. The founders of Oasis Village believe that providing social services changes entirely when a whole neighborhood, down to the last person, is involved in ensuring the well-being of its residents. Oasis Village is designed to support single mothers who are reentering society after incarceration.

Our goal for the graphic identity of Oasis Village was to suggest a place of refreshment and comfort in an otherwise less than hospitable environment. We chose to create a stylized desert scene with a new young plant growing out of a pool of green. We avoided the cliche of the palm tree, instead using a plant that is more suggestive of central virginia. The smallness of the plant suggests new growth, new hope, and a fresh start.

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