Pages from the LeadershipPLENTY Curriculum

Pew Partnership for Civic Change
LeadershipPLENTY Curriculum

This may very well be the most socially positive product we have ever designed. LeadershipPlenty is a curriculum for a series of training sessions designed to develop and empower community leaders. It’s a study in complex information management. The goal is to convey a tremendous amount of useful information in about 10 weekly sessions. From the beginning we realized that this much information can be daunting, not only for the participants but for the session facilitators as well. Hand in hand with Pew we organized the material for easy access so that each participant receives just what he or she needs. We even brought some of our web design experience to bear on this completely “print” project. One piece of this material is a guide that walks the facilitators through the sequence of that week’s session. We added a navigation bar across the bottom that show’s at a glance which section the current page falls within, as well as what came before and what will come after. This is a common technique on the web, but it is surprisingly useful here as well.

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