Musing and amusing …

My wife Pam is an avid knitter who has adopted the personal motto “never not knitting.” This is an apt description of what seems to qualify as both a life goal and a moderate compulsion. The results are great, though. She’s happy and our home is gradually filling up with luscious knitted goods.

It doesn’t take much self reflection to realize that I have a similar compulsion that might best be described as “never not thinking” or “never not analyzing.” It can be a useful trait, but it is disturbing to realize that I don’t have the option of dialing it back. What I have learned to do is to sometimes step back and laugh at myself about this trait (and many others).

Thus the name of this blog. (a) it is first and foremost a place to capture part of that constant stream of internal “musing.” I hope it will also be an opportunity to sometimes laugh at my own foibles.

–Jim Gibson

JIM GIBSON earned his BA in English (yes, English) from the University of Virginia. Nevertheless, he has enjoyed a long career in the graphic arts that spans a broad set of technologies, skills, and interests. Since the early 1980s he has operated his own design studio with an impressive list of satisfied clients.